General Info

Population: 333.200 (2012)
Land area: 22.966 (8.867 sq.mi)
Capital: Belmopan
Largest city: Belize City
Language: English
Currency: Belize Dollar (Pegged to the USD)

Belize is considered to be BOTH a Caribbean- and a Latin American country. Located with the Caribbean Sea to the East, Belize is bordered by Mexico to the North, and Guatemala on the South and West.

Belize has one of the lowest population densities in Central America, although the growth rate is one of the fastest in the Western Hemisphere. The population in 2012 was only 333.200 for the whole country, with the majority living in the larger cities of Belize City and Belmopan.

Up until 1981, Belize was considered a part of the United Kingdom (under the name of British Honduras) and still retains a strong colonial feel to this day.

Most visitors come to Belize to enjoy the fantastic Caribbean beaches, the rainforests, and the barrier reefs that are located right off the coastline. Belize has also become a “mecca” for eco-tourism in recent years.

Access to Belize is much easier than many travellers might believe – there are several flights every day from the U.S. on all major carriers, and you can reach Cancun from Corozal by car in just 3-4 hours. The highways connecting the different districts of Belize are in general of good quality, and travelling on your own in a rented vehicle is easy.

The people:

Culturally, Belize is a diverse melting pot.

By far the greatest number of settlers are the Mestizo (Spanish Indian) followed by Creole (African-European), Maya, Garifuna, Mennonites and recently an influx of European, North Americans and Canadians have made the country their home.

The Belizean Climate:

Belize has a tropical climate with average annual temperatures of 80ºF, reaching 95ºF in summer months and down to 65ºF in winter months.

The rain season lasts from June to November, with torrential downpour for periods of the day, usually only lasting a short while each time, and clearing up in just a few minutes.


Belize is in Time Zone GMT -6, the same as U.S. central time. Belize does not observe Daylight savings time.

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