Investing In Belize

Belize is widely recognized as a private-enterprise led economy, with very few restrictions on foreigners owning- and operating businesses in the country. Very favourable tax laws and the ability to repatriate 100% of your earnings has made the country a very attractive base for financial service companies, the insurance industry, banks, as well as wealth management – but there are also opportunities available in a wide range of industries.

The seven most dominant sectors offering the best opportunity as has been identified by Beltraide ( are:

- Tourism accommodation
- Agribusiness
- Information & Communication technology
- Energy
- Creative handicrafts
- Business & Professional services
- Consumer products (Import/Export & Distribution)

Strategic advantages of investing in Belize:
- Bilingual work force (English & Spanish)
- Investor friendly climate
- Easy to form new companies, allows 100% foreign ownership
- Long history of political stability
- Abundance of natural resources
- Well trained work force, available at very competitive rates
- Easy access to Government incentives
- Modern banking & telecommunication systems
- Currency pegged to the USD
- Ability to repatriate earnings
- Strategic location with access to many international markets

Berkovitz has a large network of partners and entrepreneurs based locally, so please contact us to explore opportunities for new ventures in Belize.