Other Projects

The team behind Berkovitz are constantly looking for new and exciting ventures, and are still very active in the United States real estate markets, as well as holding majority stakes in several non-real estate businesses.

We are currently taking advantage of the market conditions and actively buying up large number of properties at tax foreclosures across the Midwest, and can offer our investors returns in excess of 30% per annum, backed by a large portfolio of diverse assets.

Being a big owner- and seller of land in the United States, we can supply you with some great below-market opportunities in places like Cape Coral & Lehigh Acres (Florida), Bella Vista (Arkansas) as well as other planned residential communities across the county.

For the larger investor, there are also opportunities to invest at a “ground floor level” in new communities and ventures promoted by the Berkovitz team.

For the right opportunity, the team at Berkovitz are also willing to consider early-stage investments or Joint Ventures.