The Palms at Corozal is located between Corozal Town and the smaller village of Consejo in the North of Belize – just over 10 minutes from the “Free Trade Zone” and the border with Mexico.

The road from Corozal to Consejo (named Consejo Road) is very popular with Expats, and when visiting this area, you are as likely to run into someone who has just moved here from North America as you are to meet one of the locals.

One of the reasons we chose this specific location right on Serenity Road is the fact that there were already power lines running alongside the entrance to our community, as well as the access to a beach at the end of the street, less than a mile away.

From an investment point of view, it also makes a lot of sense – lots on the ocean would often cost from $80.000 USD and upwards, and while they may present a good option for some, buying a lot for 85% less and still being close to the ocean is preferred by most buyers.

Distances from The Palms to:
Corozal Town: 3 miles
Consejo: 4 Miles
Corozal Airport: 5 Miles
Belize City: 85 Miles
Int’l Airport Belize City: 74 Miles

Mexican Border: 9 Miles

The site plan was engineered around the 0.86 Acre pond, with the goal of creating a private community with a minimum amount of vehicle traffic. Rather than one road just running around the community, forcing all traffic to use the same road, we have created several “spurs” that means noise and disturbances will be kept to a minimum.

All lots are a minimum of 1/4 Acres with most being slightly larger, which means that no matter where in the community you choose to invest/live, it will never feel crowded. There are also several green spaces throughout the community – these are lots that are earmarked to never be developed, but to be preserved in their natural state forever. 

Google Earth from January 2014: