Who We Are

The team at Berkovitz all have many years of real estate experience, dealing in markets from Australia to the United States, with a special focus on building a strong presence across a worldwide agency network. 

Andreas B. Johansson is the CEO of the firm and directs much of the day to day activities.

Having been in the real estate industry since the age of 22, Mr. Johansson has advised many international clients on long-term investment strategies in the United States, successfully ran several different Investment Programs on behalf of his own firm, and currently spends most of his time making sure Berkovitz takes advantage of the excellent opportunities available inside the U.S. as well as opening up new markets such as Belize.

He is also the CEO and Founder of AB Partners, LLC - the owner of Dennis Rodman the Original Bad Ass Premium Vodka, where Andreas and Mr. Rodman have managed to create one of the fastest growing spirits brands in America.

Mr Johansson also has board-level interest in several other of his investments, both in real estate and other industries.